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“The work you are doing through Global Youth Initiative… is so important.”
—Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
The mission of GYI is to empower young people to stand up to the most intractable challenges within their own communities by turning their inspiration and ideas into action.


The next generation has the capacity to provide innovative solutions to help end global poverty in their lifetime.

At Global Youth Initiative, we believe that the next generation has the capacity to provide innovative solutions to end poverty and violence, stop terrorism, and promote tolerance and respect across racial and religious boundaries.

Young people between the ages of 10 and 24 constitute almost half of the world’s population, yet are seldom invited to take part in addressing these challenges. By empowering youth to find alternative, low-cost solutions within their own communities, Global Youth Initiative hopes to foster a generation of independent changemakers, with strong ethics of equity, justice, tolerance, and peace.


Half of the Population is under 25 years old



In 2015, Global Youth Initiative will host an international expression contest that invites young changemakers from around the world to express their views through the written word, videos and photography. The competition is designed to engage the best young minds in finding solutions to poverty, terrorism, intolerance and violence against women within their own communities.

To receive updates on contest timeline and guidelines, follow this link to our sign up page.